Upcoming Events at Saint John's Episcopal Church
Following are additional upcoming events at Saint John's.
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On Sundays: we offer a Holy Communion Service with
music at 9:00 AM followed by fellowship and coffee in the
parish hall.
On Tuesdays: we offer a Holy Communion Service at
10:00 AM followed by education and discussion.
Join us at St. John's on Tuesday mornings at 10:00AM for Eucharist and class.
Women's Retreat at the San Damiano Retreat Center - November 9th thru 11th:
Costs: Double Room = $244 each, Single Room = $274 and 6 meals.
Contribution (voluntary) = $25 each for other costs of the program.
Retreat begins at the Friday evening dinner at 7:00 PM, and runs thru Sunday lunch at Noon after the
Eucharist Service.
Please contact Sherrie Hidalgo, Halle Kistenmacher or Barbara Fester for more information.