Upcoming Events at Saint John's Episcopal Church
Following are additional upcoming events at Saint John's.
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On Sundays: we offer a Holy Communion Service with
music at 9:00 AM followed by fellowship and coffee in the
parish hall.
On Tuesdays: we offer a Holy Communion Service at 10:00
AM, followed by education and discussion.
"A Survey of the  Old Testament" including film, an overview of the books of the Old
Testament, and a  discussion of history, culture, and translations is being offered on
Tuesday mornings beginning at approximately 11:00 AM, following the 10:00 AM
service at St. John's.  We will be using the film series  "Testament" with John Romer
narrating (he also narrated the Byzantine Empire series).
Join us at St. John's on Tuesday mornings at 10:00AM for a Eucharist and also
discover the beauty of the Hebrew scriptures.  Please bring your bible.
This program is also available at St. Michael's in Concord on Thursday evenings at
Please note: We will be taking a break from this schedule for the month of July!
Please note that there will be no Tuesday services during July.